Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Now Bioshock Infinite Delayed to 2013?

Look, I get it. Ken Levine's statement of course makes sense. Put the best game out as you can. But let's not forget the Duke Nukem problem (in development - the content, from what I understand, was the biggest problem)...discovering new things to do or add or change. You can overwork a painting. Be careful.

My issue now is what the heck am I to look forward to playing this year? Two of my most anticipated games (seen above, The Last Guardian and Bioshock Infinite) have both been til when only God knows when.

Looks like Far Cry 3 just shot up a notch as a must have. Borderlands 2, already attractive, may be the belle of the ball. And EA just got my money locked in for Battlefield 3 DLC.

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