Thursday, December 27, 2012

Backwards Compatibility Backlash

Next Gen Gaming Systems; Playstation 4, PS4, Xbox 720
As we near official acknowledgment of a new Xbox and PlayStation, "backwards compatibility" (or lack thereof) as a feature is already a lightning rod for criticism over systems not even announced, much less, released.

Is this feature one that we should hold these manufacturers to?

In a word, no.  In more words, click the link below.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Force on Force: A Few Blocks of Hell (2nd Play Through)

Force on Force, Modern Wargaming

After a few weeks and a re-read of the rulebook, it was time to try another game of Force on Force.  I decided to do a second play through of A Few Blocks of Hell for a couple of reasons, but mainly because it's an symmetric engagement (asymmetric have slightly different rules adhered to by the opposing learn the game we might as well have both sides be playing by the same rules), there are no vehicles (again, that would add some complexity that I don't want to deal with, and besides, I have no vehicle models!), and most importantly I have just enough miniatures to run this game (which luckily doesn't have any reinforcements!) and that's using some US Recon Marines playing the part two enemy fire teams.

Read on to see some snapshots of the upgraded table (though I could still use a few more buildings) and notes on what I learned or changes made on the second attempt at this Force on Force beginners scenario.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Miniature Update: Afghan and Taliban Fighters

My first batch of 10 or so Taliban Miniatures are complete...just in time for me to realize that I've created some very unfashionable and in-turn completely unrealistic fighters.  Whoops.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

iOS Game Recommendation: Zen Pinball HD

Zen Pinball HD, iOS Games, iOS Pinball

I've mentioned something to this effect before, but for all the ways I use my iOS devices (and I'm a heavy user) gaming is not really one of them.  I take that back.  I do play games on my phone, but it's usually the type of game that can be enjoyed in micro-sessions; waiting in line, waiting for a flight, waiting for a show to start or a commercial to end.

My iPad, even with it's bigger screen, get's even less play time.  And I've sprung for games on it.  Right now there are no less than 10 games loaded on it, and most of them are what might be described as "premium experience" games.  Rainbow Six.  Sword and Sworcery.  Aaaaaaaaaa! etc...

I even downloaded the new Borderlands Legends and am eager for Star Command if it ever comes out.  But the way (and the where) of how I use my iPad just doesn't lend itself to gaming.

I don't have it ready at a moments notice, like my phone being in my pocket.  And yes, while I do have it with me at the airport, the games that are more iPad-centric are still not that enjoyable when it comes down to it.

There are a few exceptions, of course, and Zen Pinball is one of them.

2013; The Year in Video Games that 2012 Wasn't

For me, 2012 was somewhat of a drought for new games.  I believe the only 2012 release I purchased was a downloadable game (albeit a good one) and though there were a couple of packaged releases that interested me, none of them won my hard earned cash.

I've noticed this console generation, that for me, there has been a pattern.  An on year, and an off year.  2013, looks to most definitely be an on year where my aged Fat Boy PlayStation 3 will be stretched to it's limits, and will hopefully survive into 2014, where a PS4 or XBOX 720 are waiting to grab the baton.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Force on Force: A Few Blocks of Hell (and Flaming Dr. Peppers)

So I was finally ready to start my first official scenario from the Force on Force rulebook, A Few Blocks of Hell.  I didn't take (nor did I plan to) enough notes for this to be an actual AAR (After Action Report) to be consumed by wargame hobbyists, but again, wanted to simply document my foray into the hobby itself.

Pics and some learnings if your read on.