Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hero Quest!

After quite the hiatus, the gang is back together for a round of good 'ol Hero Quest.

It's like the little signals that indicate the changing of the seasons.  When the dandelions begin releasing their downy seeds, autumn is just around the corner.  As the ice cycles shift from a rhythmic drip to a orchestral cascade, spring will soon be in the air.  When there's some plug in a mansion with 40 emotional wrecks  vying for his love and affection (or when it's a single emotional wreck with 40 plugs vying for hers) it's time for my friends and I to geek out with some beer, wings, and Hero Quest while our significant others brush up on television's finest garbage.

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Getting ready and setting up
This nights quest was The Castle of Mystery.  An enchanted castle rests atop a gold mine full of riches.  However once entering the castle our heroes are separated as each doorway leads to a portal which randomly (roll 2d6) places you in a room occupied for the most part by monsters.

Bromeo staves off the attacks of three goblins as Fergal vanquishes another with a jab of his wizards staff.   
Our dwarf luckily landed in a room clear of threats and found the entrance to the mine...along with 5000 gold coins.  Unfortunately as he tried to return to the castle entrance, he encountered a Chaos Warrior.  Succumbing to greed and refusing to drop his treasure, even in order to defend himself, the dwarf, Quad Chode of the Chodes, was struck down (as his family members Chode, Dos Chode, and Tre Chode were before him).

Our Elf, Milfassa stumbled upon the 5000 gold coins himself after running from some undead.  Eventually Fergal the Wizard, Bromeo the Barbarian, and Milfassa the Elf all made it back to the castle entrance alive and left (without discovering any other treasure or artifacts of notoriety.  Sadly, it was discovered that the gold they'd looted was fools gold and worthless.  Quad chode the greatest fool of them all....

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