Monday, February 18, 2013

The Next Generation

I have a chip on my shoulder. Days until Sony undoubtedly will reveal the PS4 and I'm actually nervous that it will be underwhelming. I shouldn't care, but lets face it...the PS3 was the quirky "oh, I have a friend with one" console of this generation. Basically like the GameCube.

Sony, taking it's ridiculously dominant position in the last generation totally for granted, released a machine that they thought gamers wanted (and truth be told, most gamers did) but did so a year too late and at a price that their target demographic could scarcely afford.

Those that purchased it got our money's worth to be sure, but in doing so transitioned from the core community of gamers to a niche group of hipster-gamer. "HALO and Call of Duty are too mainstream, we play Killzone and Battlefield."

And in the flame wars of internet hype and comment sections, good God was it ugly for the first half of this gen. I suppose it built gamer character for us PS3 owners to see our horse "lose" the console war. We aren't everything. We never thought they were, really, but was it a crime for us to get excited over the PS3's power? Did you have to review-bomb Metacritic every time an PS3 exclusive was coming out? (I'm looking at a few of you PS3 punks doing the same to Xbox on that one too).

But, hey. Sony's learned their lesson, right?  And in becoming the underdog, have they in some way secured themselves as the high-end gaming solution?  The rare bottle of wine, the top shelf liquor?  Have they become the destination for gamers who want to take in different gaming experiences than offered solely by multiplatforms?  Have they become the Mac to Xbox's PC?  Speaking of Mac, will Apple continue to disrupt the status quo and keep taking larger and larger bites out of the console market?

We'll begin to answer some of these questions on February 20th while others can only be solved as time moves on.  One thing's for sure though, the next "console war" is about to start.  And for all the ugly, crossing-the-line, unfortunate blogosphere and message board hijinks ahead, we the gamer still win.


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